How safe is OneDrive

Nowadays, to fulfill the ever-increasing needs for file management service, many sites such asOneDrive is trying to improve their system to avoid hacker or the loss of data. OneDrive has currently became one of the most secure service in this field. If you still doubt about the security of this service, let’s check out this post. In today’s article, I will show you how safe is OneDrive.


OneDrive, a part of Microsoft Office
OneDrive, a part of Microsoft Office

If you guys have no idea about this service, the following information may help you somewhat.

OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a file hosting and syncing service developed by Microsoft company. This service enables users to create, edit and share files and folders. As a part of Microsoft Office, you can also access and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files inside the OneDrive app. 

Since the first released in 2007, this service has reached about 115 million users in the world. OneDrive is compatible with most popular platforms such as Android, iOS ecosystem and web browsers.


OneDrive provides files password and expired date feature
OneDrive provides files password and expired date feature

Key security feature on OneDrive Personal

Permission and Sharing

This service enables you to generate a link to share with others. You can adjust sharing permission for your files/folders. OneDrive also provides files password and expired date feature to help you protect your shared data.

Data encryption

Each file is protected with a unique AES256 key. This type of key is encrypted with a set of keys stored in the Azure Key Vault.

Key security feature on OneDrive for Business

Permission and Sharing

All OneDrive for Business member accounts are managed by Global Admins and SharePoint Admin through the OneDrive Admin Center (only a limited number of people can access to the data centers).

This center manages the sharing settings which control all sharing links. Admins can set the type of link used by default when users share files/folders. 

Also, there are 3 types of shared links on OneDrive:

  1. Shareable: This setting allows everyone to access the link. It only works when external in SharePoint Online is activated.
  2. Internal: This setting only alloys organization users to access the link.
  3. Direct: Only selected users can access this type of link. 

Data encryption

OneDrive for Business uses SSL/TLS to protect the communication inside the service. 

  • All SSl connections for communications to the service are set up with 2048-bit keys.
  • Data movement between datacenters is protected with encryption.

This service also encrypts data by using BitLocker disk-level encryption and per-file encryption of the data. 

Content synchronization

OneDrive for Business enables users to make the data only kept online, be locally available or be always available. 

Besides, the admins center can control the OneDrive sync client. In other words, they can limit the process of syncing or block syncing feature of certain files. 

You might concern:

Wrapping up

So far, I have informed you about the security of OneDrive. Hope that my sharing will be useful to you. If you think of using this service, click here to fully experience all the features of OneDrive. Also, if you find this post helpful, don’t forget to like and share. Thanks for reading. 

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