How to cancel Spotify premium

Spotify is currently one of the most leading audio and music streaming services in the world. This site provides you two versions: Spotify Basic (Free) and Spotify Premium. Just by paying nearly 10$ per month, you are able to experience all the cool features of Spotify Premium such as saving songs offline, no time limitation, and no ad interruption. However, for some reason, you want to cancel this feature, this post may help you do that. Today, I’m gonna show you how to unsubscribe Spotify premium on Android platforms

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If you think of canceling Spotify subscription, you should keep in mind some following thing. 

For one thing, after creating a new account on Spotify, your account will be automatically upgraded to premium trial in 7 days with no charges. You can’t unsubscribe this free trial. However, you can get a free premium trial in 30 days as you wish. If you don’t cancel the 30 days subscription, your account will be charged the premium fee every month until you decide to cancel. 

Besides, after canceling, your account still remains premium version until it’s expired. Since Spotify teams haven’t provided a refund policy, you should contact the customer support to ask for your repayment. 

In addition to this, when you cancel premium version, Spotify still saves all your settings and playlists of your premium account for three months. So, if you reactivate your premium account within this period, you are able to access to your former premium data. 

Last but not least, after the expired time, your account will be switched to a basic account. It means that you no longer save songs to their device and avoid Spotify ad. What’s more, you only skip songs 6 times per day. However, mobile streaming is still available in the Spotify free version.

Now, since you know all the scenario happening when unsubscribe, let’s move to the tutorial part.


To get rid of Spotify premium, you need to log into Spotify web on your device. If you subscribe Spotify premium via a third party, you have to contact them to cancel the premium.

How to unsubscribe Spotify premium via web browsers

1. Visit and log in your account

2. Scroll down and tap Manage Plan

Tap Manage Plan
Tap Manage Plan

3. Then, you tap the button Change or Cancel 

Tap the button Change or Cancel
Tap the button Change or Cancel 

4. Select the option Cancel Premium 

Select the option Cancel Premium 
Select the option Cancel Premium 

5. After that, choose the button Yes, Cancel

Choose the button Yes, Cancel
Choose the button Yes, Cancel

Once you’ve done, your Spotify account still stays premium for the rest of the time you paid. Then, it will be switched to the free version. 

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So far, you will be informed about how to unsubscribe Spotify subscription. Hopefully, my sharing will help you successfully cancel Spotify subscription on your Android device. If you want to know more about Spotify tips and tricks, remember to visit this article. Also, don’t forget to if you find this sharing useful, like and share it with other people. Thanks for reading and supporting me. 


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