How to embed youtube videos on facebook

Watching YouTube videos has always been an effective way of entertainment to help us relax after a long day. Sometimes, when you watch an interesting video and want to share this video with others, what will you do? Download YouTube video and send it to your friends? Will you use a simpler and more convenient way to share YouTube videos for them? If you are having trouble finding ways to share YouTube videos with others, please refer to our following tutorial. This article will teach you how to embed YouTube videos on Facebook for Android.

What is the video embedding?

In order to increase the interaction between the world’s two largest social and video sharing networks, YouTube and Facebook have allowed users to share each other’s activities. Both YouTube and Facebook have built-in support features. You should also share some interesting and useful photos and videos on your timeline to avoid boring full-text status. Youtube is the most popular video sharing website in the world. With a treasure of videos, you can search for useful and funny content. With this sharing feature of both Facebook and YouTube, users can save a lot of videos and Facebook does not have to face the overhead of managing millions of videos that could be posted on its servers.

While using an Android phone, you can share any YouTube video on your timeline, Facebook pages, and Facebook groups by copying the share link of the video and pasting it into Facebook. The video you share will appear on the News Feed of your friends and people who follow you. Of course, you can see a YouTube video on your News Feed if you follow someone sharing it.

On the other hand, while using an Android phone to view YouTube videos, every video has a share icon available at the top. This icon can be used to share the selected video on your Facebook profile. Now, we are going to the details.

How to embed Youtube videos on Facebook on Android

Sharing a YouTube video link on Facebook is very easy. It just takes some tappings to complete. Just follow our detailed steps below:

Step 1: Open Youtube application on your Android phone.

The interface of YouTube App (embed youtube videos on facebook)
The interface of YouTube App

Step 2: Tap the magnifying glass symbol in the top right area of the screen.

Tap this icon to search (embed youtube videos on facebook)
Tap this icon to search

Step 3: In the Search YouTube field, type in a video title, then tap Search or Enter in the keyboard area.

Type in a video title (embed youtube videos on facebook)
Type in a video title

Step 4: Scroll down until you find the video that you wish to post on Facebook, then tap to play it.

Play the video
Play the video

Step 5: Tap the Share with the Arrow symbol above. The Share arrow resembles a curving, right-facing arrow. You will also find the share option at the top of the video.

Tap the Share icon
Tap the Share icon

Step 6: Tap Facebook when a pop-up window appears. For this option to appear, you must have Facebook installed on your phone or tablet. After tapping Facebook, your screen will automatically open the Facebook app and appear with the link of the YouTube video you want to share. 

Tap Facebook
Tap Facebook

Step 7: If you want to add commentary or other text along with the video sharing, type it into the Write something… field.

Add your text
Add your text

Step 8: Tap Post in the top right corner of the post window. Other Facebook users will see it on their News Feed and be able to tap the link to open the video on YouTube.

Tap Post to share
Tap Post to share

So, we have introduced you to how to share YouTube videos on Facebook on Android. Hope it will be helpful for you. If you have any questions in the process, comment below or contact us via email, we will help you out. See more about Android application tips at:

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