How to see location on Snapchat

In today’s modern society in which we live, many types of social networks are playing an integral part of every person’s daily life. Snapchat is also one of the applications that users love because of the great features it offers. In this article, we will learn about an extremely interesting feature of Snapchat that probably many people are not familiar with using – Snapchat Map. You are wondering how to see location on Snapchat. If that is the case, Snapchat Map will help you. Keep reading for a complete rundown of all things.

How to see location on Snapchat
How to see location on Snapchat

What is Snapchat Map?

The Snapchat Map (also known as Snap Map) is an interactive map that allows you to share your location with your friends. You can also see where they are when they share their location. In addition, you can discover what is happening in the city where you live, you can even see Stories from anywhere in the world. Snap Map will update your location when you open Snapchat. Snap Map is also a place for people to share their snaps from one location to a story collection for that specific location. When someone sees that story collection from Snap Map, they will see all the contributed snaps into Our Story for that location.

Open Snap Map is quite easy. If you are on an Android device, pinch your fingers inward from the camera screen.

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How to use Snap Map to see location

Before you see someone else’s location, you may want to share your location with your friends. In order for friends to share your location, you first need to grant Snapchat permission to use your current location. The second step you need to do is to open Snap Map in Snapchat then customize who can see your location. You can turn on Ghost Mode if you do not want your friends to know your location.

See your friend’s location: Simply look at the list of your friends who are currently active. The ones who have chosen to share their location with you will appear on the Snap Map.

What you need to know when using Snapchat Map to see the location

  • Users’ locations will be displayed each time the application is opened if they have previously agreed to the terms of use of the location-sharing feature.
  • If you initially choose to share your location with all your friends, this will be prompted after a period of time in case you want to change your mind.
  • Only friends can see each other’s locations.
  • Exact location will be deleted after a while, while extended location information will be retained longer on the display basis.
  • When touching the friend icon, you will see the time for the latest location update (eg 1-2 hours ago).
  • Location information will appear on Snapchat Map for eight hours since the last time they did not reopen the application during the time to update the location.

So, you have learned about Snap Map and how to see location on Snapchat. It will be helpful in some cases. Don’t forget to update the newest Android app tips on our blog. You can download Snapchat for free by clicking here.

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