What do the check marks mean on WhatsApp

With the development of technology, the need for means of communication is increasing. Therefore, WhatsApp is one of the most useful communication apps which helps people easily connect to others. While using WhatsApp, you can see many features and symbols like a check mark, but not many users can know exactly its mean. Therefore, in this article, we will point out what do the check marks mean on WhatsApp.

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check marks on whatsapp
Check marks on WhatsApp

What do the check marks stand for?

When you send messages to someone on WhatsApp, you will see little ticks or check marks appear next to your messages. This is the signal which depicts the status of your messages, tells you if the messages are delivered or not. To know more about the check marks and the way to distinguish the check marks, you can follow the information below.

One gray check mark

If one gray check mark appears next to your message, it means that the message has been sent from your phone, but it hasn’t been delivered to your recipient yet.

one gray check mark
One gray check mark

Normally, when you send a message, a single check mark appears for a short period of time. If it stays longer, it means that the account you send a message to is undoubtedly off or not connected or may block your account.

Two gray check marks

Two gray check marks mean that your message has been received, but not seen. This situation happens when the account which you send a message to is online but ignore your message. The next time they open WhatsApp, they will see your message.

two gray check marks
Two gray check marks

Two blue check marks

Two blue check marks mean that your message has been read or at least the recipient has opened it. This symbol is activated only when the users turn on the read receipts. If they turn off this function, you will not able to see the two blue check marks.

two blue check marks
Two blue check marks

How to turn off read receipts

Sometimes you don’t want anybody to know when you read their messages because of some reasons. In this situation, you can turn off read receipts. You can follow the process below to know how to do it:

  • Step 1: Open WhatsApp in your device
whatsapp opening site
WhatsApp opening site
  • Step 2: Go to Settings then choose Account
WhatsApp settings
WhatsApp settings
whatsapp settings

Step 3: Choose Privacy then disable read receipts function

read receipts function
Read receipts function

After doing this process, you will have turned read receipts off. However, you also won’t be able to know when other people have read your messages. So before you turn it off, please think carefully.

In conclusion, we have introduced the meanings and purposes of the check marks on WhatsApp. If you find this article be helpful, please give us like and share to this post. Hope that this article will offer you more information about using WhatsApp. Thank you for reading and supporting.

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