What is Kakaotalk

Talking of free instant messaging apps, we have to admit that Facebook Messenger is the biggest site with more than 2 billion active users. However, when it comes to Asia, Kakaotalk and WeChat replace the leading position of Messenger. While WeChat is the most popular app in China, Kakaotalk is the largest communication service in Korea. So, what is Kakaotalk? If you have no idea about this service, let’s follow my post for more details.


Kakaotalk, or KaTalk, is a free chatting service developed by Kakao company. First released in March 2010, this service becomes the most popular messaging services in Korea. This site is now compatible with many platforms like Android, iOS, Windows phones, BlackBerry and macOS. Kakaotalk is also available in 15 languages on the planet. 

What is Kakaotalk
Kakaotalk is a free chatting service developed by Kakao company

By May 2017, this service had over 220 million registered users and nearly 49 million monthly active users. By June 2019, the number of KaTalk users reached over 50 million active users around the world. It is estimated that in 93% of smartphones in Korea is installed this app.

In addition to the basic chatting functions like the other messaging apps, this site does own some significant features to attract many users, especially in Korea.

Let’s move to the next parts to find out the key features of Kakaotalk.

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 Kakaotalk, a fun chatting service
Kakaotalk, a fun chatting service


Compared with other messaging sites, KaTalk enables you to send and receive messages, calls and files with a high speed no matter what your network.

Besides, with this service, the way of your communication becomes much funnier than ever. This app provides you endless sticker packs to show your emotions with peers. Also, voice filter is always available in this site. So, you can make your calls interestingly with Talking Tom and Ben’s voice. 

More importantly, you are allowed to perform multi-tasks during call sessions on KaTalk . In other words, you can send messages to friends/group discussion or see who read your messages during your calls.

Group chats

Kakaotalk also supports many interesting features regarding group discussions. This site allows you to create private chat rooms quickly by some easy steps. While Telegram group chats support up to 200.000 members, Kakaotalk group chats enable you to send unlimited member invitations. 

You can also easily see lists of shared links in any chat rooms, pin group discussions on top messages. 

Plus Friend

Plus Friend, an interesting feature of KakaoTalk
Plus Friend, an interesting feature of KakaoTalk

This feature enables you to updates with your favorite brands and artists. As soon as you add a particular Plus Friend, you will receive messages about promotional events. So, you can easily collect coupons or get good deals from your favorite brands. Also, keeping up with your K-pop idols is much easier with the help of Plus Friend on Kakaotalk. 


  • Encrypting all your data with easy steps.
  • Decorate your photos with available themes.
  • Receive no spam or advertisements.
  • Record voice with HD quality. 

So far, I have shown you something about Kakaotalk. Hopefully, my sharing will provide you more useful information to use Kakaotalk. If you find this post helpful, don’t forget to like and share it with other people. Thanks for reading. 

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