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Talking of communication services in the cyber world, it’s hard to reject Facebook Messenger, one of the leading services in this field with more than 2 billion active users. Along with the remarkable success of Messenger, Facebook developers also launched an alternative service called Messenger Lite. Compared to the the original service, this app hasn’t got tremendous achievements like the giant sibling app. However, it can be seen as one of the best services for communicating purpose. Let’s follow this post to know exactly what is Messenger Lite and why we should use it. 

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Facebook Messenger Lite is a smaller version of Facebook Messenger original app. The aim of this app is better communication among users. 

First launched in 2016, this service was initially created for old Android devices and regions having an unstable internet connection. At that time, the “Lite app” was only available in India and Africa. However, this service is now compatible with most platforms and appears in more than 130 countries and regions.


Messenger Lite app
Messenger Lite app

App size

It’s not hard to notice that app size is one of the key differences between these services. Meanwhile, the original app can consume up to 300 MB of RAM, the Lite version takes up a small amount of RAM, only 6 MB. So, the “Lite service” runs more smoothly than the convention app does.


As mentioned before, the “Lite app” only contains the core functions for communicating purpose. Therefore, many functions on Messenger are not supported on this service such as story, game and discover tab.

Features of the "Lite" app
Features of the “Lite” app

In terms of chatting features, the Lite version allows you to send messages, make voice/video calls in one-on-one conversation. You can also edit settings information of your chat such as displayed color. Besides, you are allowed to send files and video up to 25MB on this platform. However, unlike the traditional app, the Lite app doesn’t enable you to make group voice/video calls, send stickers, share locations. 


If you switch from the conventional service to this app, you can see the Lite site is quite clean and simple. So, it’s quite easy to find functions and use. However, while the original app updated Dark mode theme, this feature is not available on the Lite version.


 Messenger Lite Android app
Messenger Lite Android app

Messenger Lite is available on most platforms such as Android and iOS ecosystem. However, this app is best used for:

  • Users who just need a simple app for sending texts and making voice/video calls.
  • Older Android phones/tablets. 
  • Regions with unstable internet. 
  • Appliances with low storage space.

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So far, I have shared with you something about Messenger Lite. Hope that this information will give you a close look at this app to pick up your favorite chatting service. If you haven’t use this service, why not give it a shot by clicking here? Also, if you find this article useful, like and share it with other Android users. Thanks for reading and supporting my blog.

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