Why won’t Spotify play and how to fix it

Talking of music streaming service, Spotify can be seen as one of the leading sites in this field. However, Spotify often triggers users when it suddenly stops playing. If you’re an active user of this service, you may encounter this error. So, have you ever wondered Why won’t Spotify play? If you’re curious, this post may help you find out the answer. In today’s article, I’m gonna tell you the reason for this error and how to fix it. Now, let’s get started.

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There are some reason caused Spitify suddenly stops playing:

  1. Multiple devices/platforms
  2. Listening limitation
  3. Older Spotify app version
  4. Internet connection

Multiple devices/platforms

If your account is used on more than 1 devices, you can see, stop or keep playing the current Spotify music player in the other devices. Thus, when Spotify suddenly stop playing, maybe someone using your account (accidentally) tapped the Stop button.

Spotify can run on multi devices
Spotify can run on multi devices

Listening limitation

If you are using Spotify free version, when your account reaches 6 months old, Spotify allows you to stream a particular track only 5 times. So, when you reach your limitation, Spotify will stop playing your music.

Older Spotify app version

Some old versions of Spotify have bugs causing this annoying problem. Therefore, if you’re using an old version of this music service, your Spotify may stop playing. 

Internet connection

Like other online services, most of the functions on Spotify need a stable internet line to perform well. Therefore, a poor internet connection could be a possible reason causing the music interruption on Spotify.

No Wifi, big problem
No Wifi, big problem


So, I’ve just shown you some causes for the music interruption of Spotify. To solve this error, some following recommendations could be useful to you:

As I mentioned above, poor internet connection may prevent Spotify from playing music. You can easily fix it by checking the internet connection. If necessary, you can also restart your wifi router or try a different internet connection. 

Besides, upgrading to the premium is a good way to handle this error. Subscribing to Spotify premium, you are able to access millions of tracks without any interruptions. Also, you don’t have to worry about the internet connection, because Spotify subscription enables you to save songs offline. The price for Spotify premium is quite reasonable.

Upgrade to Spotify premium
Upgrade to Spotify premium

Another way you can try is checking out the latest version of Spotify to avoid this error. You can also log out your account and reinstall the Spotify app to get rid of . 

Last but not least, reboot your device could be a solving. However, I don’t recommend this way due to the loss of important data.

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So far, this is all I want to share in this post. Hopefully, the aforementioned information could help you know why won’t Spotify play and how to avoid it. To read more articles like this, you can check out other Spotify tips and tricks on my blog. If you’ve never used this cool service, why not give it a try here? Also, If you find this post useful, don’t forget to like and share it with other people. Thanks for reading and supporting.  


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